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The Jazz Division is based on a foundation of basic jazz dance principles acknowledging the distinction between the established vocabulary of jazz dance and its newer, popular manifestations. Jazz dance as an art form is the perfect blend of mind and body founded on a firm technical base. Discipline is as inescapable in jazz dancing as it is in any other dance form. Clean lines, multiple turns, leaps, flexibility, center placement, and the ability to quickly transmit combination from the brain to the body are the nuts and bolts of technique. Students are taught a strong jazz technique along with the latest trends in a continuous and consistent format. In order to accomplish and advanced level, students need to supplement their jazz training with a class in ballet. 



Girls: Black leotard, black tights or black jazz pants, black jazz shoes. Hair tied off face and secured

Boys: Black pants or shorts white t-shirt, black jazz shoes



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SUNDIAL Ballet / Tap : 5yrs & up 


This 1 hour class is designed for movement and stamina. Students will learn basic jazz and tap technique, terminology, combinations and dance routines. Boys are welcomed!!!


JAZZ I / HIP HOP:  8yrs & up


JAZZ II / HIP-HOP: 8yes & up


This 1 hour class is designed for students who have already been introduced to jazz terminology and technique. Students will learn together many different forms of jazz, all high energy but with different styles.







AERIAL DANCE: 9 yrs and up / 



One of our most popular classes. Come check it out!